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How to protect your home and keep it secure this Winter

Winter is upon us. This means that the sun is setting earlier and rising later. For homeowners across the country, this phenomenon comes with some pronounced and unthought-of consequences, from more frequent household break-ins and theft, to higher energy bills. As homeowners across the country become more educated about the latest prevention and security measures, the majority turn to home security cameras as their number one prevention method.


Household Break-ins/Theft: Prevention with A Home Security Camera

According to the UK Daily Mail, police data illustrates that 7% of household break-ins occur between the hours of midnight and 1:00 am, making this hour “the hour of the burglars”, or the hour with the highest number of recorded break-ins. On the other hand, 31% of the burglaries happen between the hours of 11:00am and 17:00. Keeping these statistics in mind, we also know that burglars do not standardise their activities, but rather study the activities of their target households. Amongst a number of measures, which homeowners can take to prevent break-ins, a great deterrent is a well-placed home security camera. This disregards low quality home security systems and dummy security cameras, which can be immediately identified by burglars, rendering homeowners efforts useless.


For a home security camera  to prove effective, a maximum home security camera with high resolution, live feed connection, pan and tilt capability, alerts and motion detection – amongst other features – is desired. With a home security camera that has 720p resolution and provides a stunning 1280×720 widescreen view, enables you to use your smartphone or computer to connect to your home security camera and watch the recording live, night or day, you can ensure that your home is protected.


Household Theft By A “Trusted” Individual:  Prevention With A Home Security Camera

Theft doesn’t only occur by strangers and masked burglars. According to Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW), in the 2016 survey year, ending in the month of March, 672,000 incidents of “other household theft”, meaning theft by an individual entitled of being within or outside the household, occurred. These individuals may be tradespersons, caretakers, gardeners, and others. A home security camera with advanced motion sensing technology can detect and send instant notifications of suspicious movements and activities, keeping you aware of the activities happening within your home. While, a tilt and pan activation will allow you to follow the movements of the individual in question. If you notice any undesired behaviour, you can speak through your home security camera, strategically making your digital presence known.


Trends in Crime Survey for England and Wales and police recorded crime, year ending December 1981 to year ending March 2016 [ Source]

Source: Crime Survey for England and Wales, Office for National Statistics / Police recorded crime, Home Office


Evidence Building with A Home Security Camera

Unfortunately, even when we are fully equipped, we can’t always prevent break-ins, or theft by individuals “entitled” of being in or outside of your home. However, by choosing a home security camera with a recording capacity, whether film or photography, you can collect and present evidence of exactly what has been taken, vandalised or broken. With cameras that automatically start recording with any motion detection and have storage capacity of up to 64GB, you can ensure full inventory of your property.

Greater Energy Bills: Keeping Costs Down With a Home Security Camera

It is not uncommon for an individual to believe that with greater lightening they can reduce their chances of break-ins. While this may ensure some small form of protection, it can have a significant impact on your electricity costs especially as days become darker; not a luxury we can all afford. With a home security camera that is equipped with built in infrared LED lights that will automatically switch to night view, you can ensure that you have clear vision in the dark with minimal lighting, thus increasing security and decreasing your electricity costs.


As evenings turn darker, and the clock goes back 1 hour in the last week of October, household break-ins and theft increase by 5%; on Halloween, by 160%, as reported in Join the country and fight household break-ins and theft by installing high quality home security cameras.