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Practical Advice To Help Businesses Strengthen Their IT Security

Business IT security has become a top priority following the major cyber attack that recently hit the NHS and organisations around the world. We have put together some practical advice to prevent your business falling victim to this and future threats.

What is ransomware and how worried should you be?

Ransomware is a type of computer virus or malware that encrypts data across a company’s PCs and servers and won’t unlock them until a ransom is paid.  Paying the ransom does not guarantee that your system will be restored and we would urge affected clients to contact us immediately for advice.

The scale of the recent WannaCry malware that hit the NHS was unprecedented and experts are warning that more incidents of this size and type could happen in the future, putting businesses and services at significant risk. WannaCry acted differently to other viruses by having the ability to move through a network by itself. Most others are spread by users clicking on attachments from infected emails.

Thankfully such threats can be prevented if the right steps are taken to protect your IT systems.

How to protect your organisation from cyber attack

When major incidents happen we work round the clock to support our clients. However, there are some simple IT housekeeping measures that every business can implement to reduce the risk to their business. These include:

For extra security and to protect against the latest forms of cyber attack we also recommend:

Enhanced anti-virus

Orchard Facilities Management offers an enhanced anti-virus product which, for a small additional cost per user, can supplement your standard anti-virus software and help to prevent infection from attacks like WannaCry. Normal anti-virus without this advanced function will not protect your systems from these new style threats.

Robust data backup

As cyber criminals become ever more sophisticated, the reality is that no business can be 100% safe no matter how resilient their IT security. The only way to completely protect your business is to make sure your data is securely backed up and that you have an effective Disaster Recovery Plan in place. Orchard Facilities Management has its own state-of-the-art UK data centre and offers a highly sophisticated data backup and storage service. This means that even if the worst happens we can get you back up and running quickly, minimising the impact to your business. We can also develop a tailored Disaster Recovery Plan for your organisation.

For urgent support 24/7 or to enquire about Enhanced Anti-Virus, Data Backup and Distaster Recovery call 1.877.798.1679 or email