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Where the Cloud Meets Video Surveillance

I’m sure by now everyone understands the basics of “The Cloud” since it has become ubiquitous with almost all business apps now offered or exclusively offered in the cloud. Who would have imagined just a few years ago that a company’s financial systems, ERP solutions and entire document management would be in the cloud? This same trend is disrupting the traditional video surveillance market, in particular for small businesses that can now access professional video surveillance systems in the cloud without having to manage onsite storage and video management hardware.

If you’ve been thinking about taking that next step and adding video surveillance to the long list of solutions you’re already using in the cloud, it’s important to be aware of some considerations as it relates to the privacy and security of your data.


I hear this all the time: “Okay. Cloud sounds great, but how do I know it’s secure?” This is a great (and fair) question. Ultimately, it’s up to the customer to feel comfortable with the cloud and ensure they are balancing their security needs with more practical considerations around cost and convenience. It’s all about risk management and the appropriate level of security required for your application. Here are some points to keep in mind if you consider using the cloud for video surveillance.

Is the device adequately secure? A bit of a paradox here, but when considering cloud security, you need to take a hard look at that local hardware device that’s sitting inside your own network before you even spend much time worrying about cloud security. That’s really where your security considerations begin. If you’re using the most secure cloud infrastructure ever built, but the endpoint IP camera or NVR hardware device is not properly configured or has security vulnerabilities, then that’s a potential source of risk.

Source : securitytoday