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Is your business data secure?

You may have heard about the devastating Dropbox hack that was just revealed, where over 68m users’ email addresses and passwords were compromised.  If you haven’t heard, and you use Dropbox cloud data storage, change your password immediately and consider storing your sensitive, valuable information somewhere safer…

The recent Dropbox hack is only one example of the negative coverage that cloud server services – like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive have recently received.  There remains a mistrust relating to cloud storage and incidents such as these have done little to alleviate against such trust issues.

However, cloud storage need not put your organisation at risk, and, when implemented properly, remains a more secure option than taking the risk of storing all your data on-site.

You can better protect your business by utilising a genuinely secure data cloud storage option.  This safeguards against hackers and computer viruses and prevents other types of disasters or accidents from impacting your company’s data.

At David Allen IT Solutions we work with businesses across the country, but we need look no further afield than our home county of Cumbria for examples of how disasters such as floods can threaten business continuity.  But while furniture and electronic items can be easily replaced if the worst happens, your data can’t.

David Allen IT Solutions provides a secure, tailored data storage solution that works for your business.

We can help your business devise security policies that correspond with your new, well-connected cloud services.  For example, you’ll want a policy that states how employees can access data outside of work, or what to do when an employee leaves your organisation in terms of password and data security.  We can even offer additional data encryption if your business handles critical or highly sensitive data.

Using our data storage solution is especially advantageous for businesses that have multiple locations, branch offices or remote

By utilising a central data storage point your team can collaborate more easily, meaning that operations run more smoothly, no matter where team members are.

It’s easier to access, edit and share information with a larger group when each member of the team has access to the shared cloud storage.  This promotes faster operations (no need to email documents back and forth), better collaboration and understanding, as well as a more unified team.

Cloud storage also allows staff to sync calendars, to-do lists and email across devices. It ensures that they’re well-connected when working remotely, and that they have easy access to documents while in meetings.

We can help advise on ways to set up these services for your business and its employees so you achieve the most out of your cloud services.

And don’t worry about downtime: we ensure that the process of moving your data to our secure data centre is simple, quick and need not disrupt your business operations.

We’ll identify where any potential risks lie when it comes to collating and transferring your data, and our qualified, experienced IT team will ensure to mitigate any potential issues that could arise.

Our expert technical engineers will work with you to devise a strategy that suits your business’ needs, and work to complete the transfer in a sensible time window without interrupting work time.  If it is easier for you, we will devise a hybrid cloud and on-site data option as a trial or if it better suits your staff’s needs.

Whatever you need in terms of a data storage solution, David Allen IT Solutions can provide advice and set up a solution for your organisation.  Please give us a call or utilise the live chat feature on our website to discuss switching to our secure data centre!

Contact our IT solutions team to discuss your business’ IT requirements.

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