April 27, 2017
7 signs you should invest in cloud backup as a service now

7 Signs You Should Invest in Cloud Backup as a Service Now!

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7 Signs You Should Invest in Cloud Backup as a Service Now!

Protecting data, which is vital for an organization, is very important. We invest in securing things that are of importance to us – our life insurance, car insurance, homeowner’s or rental insurance are the proofs.

Similarly, for an organization, one of the most important assets is – data. The entire functioning of a firm depends on the availability of right data at the right time. If the data is not protected or backed up for future use, you can be at a constant risk of losing it.

That is the reason why an increasing number of organizations are trusting data backup solutions, especially cloud-based backup services to ensure timely availability and safe restoration of data. Backing up data on the cloud is much better than any on-premise data backup solution. Why? Well, there are many reasons behind it.

A cloud-based data backup solution enables the users to store data reliably on off-site/remote locations instead of physical data storage like hard-disk or tape backup that may not be reliable in the event of natural or man-made disaster.

If you are running your organization without having a backup solution or are using any on-premise data backup solution, following are the top ten signs which show that you need a cloud backup as a service solution.

Top 7 signs You Should Invest in Cloud Backup As A Service

  1. You face frequent outagesOutages are very common for an online business. But if that happens frequently, it may not only cause your site to lose credibility but might also result in loss of data. For ecommerce, banking, financial or educational sites, any loss of information would result in loss of customers and students’ data. Here, a cloud-based data backup solution will give complete security to your organizational data and applications with anywhere anytime accessibility.
  2. You are spending too much on on-premise data backup devicesOn-premise data backup solutions like tape or disk-based devices can be very expensive. Plus, even if you manage to store all data on them, you might face issues while restoring it. And a physical system is always prone to human tragedies or technical glitches and external environment threats.

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  3. Your data is highly confidential and sensitiveData pertaining to financial organizations, security agencies, hospitals and defense departments is very sensitive. They cannot afford to lose data permanently or it to get compromised due to some unauthorized access. For them, a cloud based backup solution is the perfect way to store their data securely and fetch information as and when required.
  4. You want faster data restorationBusiness continuity is an important aspect of any business that runs on real time and digital data. You do not have the privilege to wait for hours to recover your data and kick start your business again. A downtime will lead to lost customers and revenue. A cloud server backup solution quickly backs up the data off-site on a remote location and can restore the same data in hours to minutes.
  5. You have several backup tools that are hard to manageOn-site data backup can be hard to manage. As your infrastructure grows, you may be handling huge data silos. Over time, managing them become a near impossible task and they do nothing but eat up your space and time. But, a cloud backup solution will create data duplicates on a remote site, thus will not consume on-premise space. Many backup service providers archive the less required data on cloud and keep the frequently used data closer to the datacenter for faster recovery.
  6. Your application runs slower due to backups running in the backendData backing is a complete process and on-premise data backup solutions consume the network resources of the system. Any issue in the backup line might become a bottleneck, eventually slowing down the entire application.
  7. You want a single solution, requiring less manual interventionData backup needs careful planning and attention of dedicated personnel.
    Not every organization has fully functioning IT department to do the needful. Even your IT department would want some time to think about innovative developments rather than juggling issues with data backups. A cloud-based data backup can be the ultimate comprehensive solution that can handle complete data backup with less or negligible manual intervention.

    How MDSC1’s backup-as-a-service help you protect your data?

    MDSC1 has been providing multiple cloud-based products and services in MEA region and across the world to help organizations become more functional. A Microsoft LAR/LSP/CSP and a Gold partner for more than 20 years, it also offers resilient “Backup-as-a-Service” to secure your application’s data.

    The efficient cloud backup as a service solution ensures business continuity and offers backup-as-a-service solution with hosted solutions, Azure storage and BYOCS (Bring your own cloud server).

    Backup services by MDSC1 can help you to:

    • Get increased availability of data with anywhere anytime accessibility.
    • It is a cost-efficient way of storing data on a remote site for creating backups.
    • You can automatically provision backups without much manual intervention.
    • You get bi-weekly or monthly consumption reports with personalized customer support.

    So, if you are looking for a durable backup as a service, then contact us now.

    Feel free to drop your comments in the comments section.